CMR High inducting “Legendary Rustlers” into new school hall of fame

Updated 1 p.m. Sept. 26

CM Russell High School will honor 29 “Legendary Rustlers” into enshrinement into a new hall of fame at the school during Homecoming.

The inductees will be honored for their contributions to CMR while students and their post-graduate careers for athletics and contributions, according to GFPS.

To be honored in athletics, inductees must have accomplished something at a national or international level.

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To be honored as a contributor, inductees have made special contributions to CMR or helped Rustler student athletes, according to the school.

They’ll be honored during the school’s Homecoming activities and inducted during an Oct. 7 ceremony at 1 p.m. at the Rustler Fieldhouse, followed by a no-host social at the Halftime Sports Bar.

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The ceremony will also unveil the fieldhouse renovations and improvements, according to the school.

The high school is taking nominations for next year’s inductees that can be emailed to

The following will be inducted:


  • Barry Darrow
  • Bob Woolf
  • Brock Sunderland
  • Craig Dickenson
  • Daryl Wilkerson
  • Dave Dickenson
  • Denise Pidcock
  • Fred Paoli
  • Jack Johnson
  • Jeff Hansen
  • Jesse Kruse
  • Jim Kalafat
  • John Leister
  • Jon Knutson
  • Josh Huestis
  • Julianne Vasichek
  • Lindsey Gustafson
  • Mike McLean
  • Pat Taylor
  • Scott Davis
  • Todd Foster
  • Tony Hinz
  • Turk Lords
  • Tyler Graham


  • Bill Sandaker
  • Don Kenczka
  • Lynda Morin
  • Pat O’Connell
  • Velma Jordan