Airport director gets raise; among top paid public officials in Great Falls

The Great Falls International Airport board gave the airport a director a favorable review this summer.

John Faulkner has been the airport director since 2010.

In late June, the board voted unanimously to increase Faulkner’s base wage by 3.78 percent to $191,993.15 and gave him five additional personal days.

Casey Lalonde, airport board chair, told The Electric in August that Faulkner’s raise was “based largely on the cost of living increases that everyone is dealing with and commensurate with what other staff at the airport authority will be seeing this year. His overall salary is very competitive in the industry for his level of experience and is a direct reflection of the board’s desire to keep him on staff. More specifically to that point, the board felt some additional [paid time off] was the best tool we had for retention and that’s where that came about.”

In 2021, the board gave Faulkner a favorable review but didn’t recommend a raise. The board did authorize a one-time $5,000 bonus.

Faulkner is among the top paid public officials in Great Falls.

In April, the City Commission approved City Manager Greg Doyon’s contract through April 2026.

Commissioners extend city manager contract, increase salary

They voted in increase his salary by 3.5 percent, bringing Doyon’s base salary to $190,142.

Great Falls Public Schools Superintendent Tom Moore was selected in 2019.

GFPS board approves teachers, superintendent pay increases

In 2021, the school board voted to increase his salary from $160,000 to $165,000 in the first year, $170,000 the second year and $175,000 the third year, which is the current school year.

County Commission adopts budget

Cascade County Commissioners approved salary increases for public officials during a Sept. 7 hearing, bringing the county attorney’s salary to $148,872 and the sheriff’s to $103,113.46.

Other county elected official salaries range from $77,086.30 to $80,118.30.