Sunday Reads: Aug. 27

Here’s this week’s reading list. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

The Economist: Why was RICO, a mafia-targeting act, used to charge Donald Trump?

The New York Times: U.S. consumers are showing signs of stress, retailers say

Route Fifty: Prevention pays off: How one city may soon end family homelessness

Reuters: Highly mutated COVID variant found in new countries but pandemic in ‘a different phase’

Associated Press: Maui County sues power company, saying utility did not turn off electricity during deadly wildfires

The Washington Post: State lawmakers move to ban Chinese land ownership near military bases

Kansas Reflector: Sheriff’s office agrees to destroy evidence obtained from raid on Kansas newspaper

Chicago Tribune: Illinois seeks to eliminate food deserts with grant program

Associated Press: North Carolina governor vetoes election bill, sparking override showdown with GOP supermajority

L.A. Times: Sushi-loving Japan scrambles to save its fishing industry

State Scoop: Police real-time crime centers are becoming data powerhouses

The Texas Tribune: Will Texas’ new fentanyl awareness curriculum for public schools succeed where other anti-drug messaging failed?

The Economist: Prigozhin’s death shows that Russia is a mafia state

The Washington Post: American democracy is cracking. These forces help explain why.

Associated Press: Deadly heat wave in the central US strains infrastructure, transportation and the Texas power grid

The Washington Post: Army doctor faces scrutiny in one of the U.S. military’s largest sex abuse investigations in recent memory

The Atlantic: David Brooks: The new old age

The Washington Post: This french fry boomtown is a climate change winner. But for how long?

Hakai Magazine: Why Alaska gave an uninhabited island to a bunch of cows

The Atlantic: What we lose when we lose DVDs

The Washington Post: 5,000 pilots suspected of hiding major health issues. Most are still flying.

The Washington Post: Opinion: My university might cut humanities. I’m frustrated, angry — and afraid.