First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park hosting open house on park projects

First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park will hold a public workshop to gather community input and ideas for ongoing development planning at the park near Ulm.

The workshop is 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Aug. 12.

Attendees are welcome to join at any time during the event and are not required to stay for the entire duration.

The open house is an opportunity to explore proposed development projects and provide feedback on ideas for future park enhancements.

The park recognizes the significant cultural and historical importance of First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park and believes that community engagement is crucial in thoughtfully and inclusively shaping its future.

The park welcomes participation from anyone interested in contributing to its future. Whether you are a frequent visitor, a nearby resident, or have a special connection to the site’s history and cultural significance, your participation in this planning process is encouraged.

For more information about the planning process, contact Amber Lopatine at or call 406-444-3364.