Sunday Reads: July 30

Stay cool out there Great Falls and beat the heat with this week’s reading list.

The Washington Post: Vladimir Putin appeared paralyzed and unable to act in the first hours of the Wagner rebellion, intelligence officials say

Flathead Beacon: Small batch brews

The Washington Post: Federal judge strikes down the Biden administration’s asylum restrictions for migrants

The New Yorker: A small-town paper lands a very big story

NPR: Jason Aldean’s ‘Small Town’ is part of a long legacy with a very dark side

Associated Press: Schools that lost track of homeless kids during the pandemic face steep recovery path

The Washington Post: The IRS will stop showing up at taxpayers’ doors unannounced, in an effort to avoid volatile reactions

The Economist: Why Walmart is trouncing Amazon in the grocery wars

The Washington Post: Nearly 4 million in U.S. cut from Medicaid, most for paperwork reasons

NPR: Is the streaming business model broken?

The New York Times: Could the next pandemic start at the county fair?

Associated Press: U.S. Supreme Court asked to set aside ruling that blocks construction on Mountain Valley Pipeline

The Washington Post: The creator economy was already exploding. Then Hollywood went on strike.

The New York Times: Sticker shock in restaurants: Still there, despite a food price drop

NPR: Trucking is getting more diverse, partly due to a nationwide shortage of drivers

The New Yorker: The World Cup and the frustrating, inspiring state of women’s soccer

Council on Foreign Relations: Russia killed the Black Sea grain deal

Axios: Sugar shortage 2023: Rising prices could impact Halloween candy

The New Yorker: The Life of J. Robert Oppenheimer

The Atlantic: Lara Logan’s break With reality

The New York Times: A tiny cabin, a little island and a big change: ‘Am I crazy?’

The Washington Post: ‘Vicious cycle’: Heat waves ramp up U.S. burning of fossil fuels

The Economist: How to better forecast the weather

The New York Times (opinion): Every American City Needs a Richard Ravitch