Sunday Reads: July 16

Stay cool Great Falls and enjoy the week.

Flathead Beacon: Whitefish considers asking voters to divert portion of resort tax to meet housing needs

The Washington Post: FDA approves first over-the-counter birth control pill in U.S., a step women’s health advocates hail as a milestone

The Washington Post: Floods, fires and deadly heat are the alarm bells of a planet on the brink

Flathead Beacon: Abbie Shelter seeks volunteers after beginning temporary breaks in 24-hour helpline

The Washington Post: Robert Moore hoped to pet dogs on his 100th birthday. Hundreds arrived.

The New York Times: A sea otter is stealing surfboards near Santa Cruz, California

The New Yorker: Reinventing the E.R. for America’s mental-health crisis

The Economist: Zaporizhia braces itself for Russian nuclear tricks

The Washington Post: House GOP moves to end Pentagon’s abortion, diversity policies

Fern and The Washington Post: How mushrooms can help fight megafires

Bloomberg: Can a city feed itself?

The Texas Tribune: Extreme heat is threatening Texas’ food supply

CalMatters: Rehab for former CA prisoners grows without oversight

The Virginian-Pilot: Changing hands: The decline of mom-and-pop hotels in Virginia Beach

The Economist: The meticulous, ruthless preparations for a second Trump term

Associated Press: Biden making $20 billion available from ‘green bank’ for clean energy projects

The New York Times: E.R. visits for teenage girls surged during the pandemic

Associated Press: Court sides with Amish families in case that pits septic tank rules against religious beliefs