Sunday Reads: July 9

This weekend’s reading list. Have a great week Great Falls.

The Economist: Does America need more unemployment?

NPR: How fast can the auto industry go electric? Debate rages as the U.S. sets new rules

The Washington Post: Judge blocks U.S. officials from tech contacts in First Amendment case

The New York Times: American cities have a conversion problem, and it’s not Just offices

The Associated Press: United Methodists lose one-fifth of US churches in schism driven by growing defiance of LGBTQ bans

The Washington Post: ACLU sues D.C. over police response to mental health crises

The Economist: Sappers risk their lives to win Ukraine back, inch by inch

The Economist: The war in Ukraine shows how technology is changing the battlefield

Route Fifty: Boosting affordable housing by reclaiming investor-owned properties

The New York Times: Wisconsin’s governor raises school funding for the next 400 years

Fern and Grist: An Alaskan village tries to find its way after its crab fishery collapsed

The Economist: Drug-trafficking networks are expanding into new territories

The Washington Post: How do you dig under a city? Go 100 feet below to see for yourself

Associated Press: As Twitter loses its place as the global town square, TikTok has absorbed it

The Washington Post: FDA grants full approval to first drug that clearly, but modestly, slows Alzheimer’s disease amid safety and cost concerns

The New Yorker: On Killing Charles Dickens, by Zadie Smith

The New York Times: The modern farmhouse is today’s McMansion. And it’s here to stay.

L.A. Times: Pistachio farm flood disaster

The Atlantic: The greatest museum you’ve never heard of

The New Yorker: The Lower East Side’s folk historian