Sunday Reads: June 18

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in Great Falls.

Here’s this week’s reading list.

The New York Times: 39 Tony-nominated performers on why they act: ‘It’s intoxicating’

Reuters: Amtrak wants $8 bln in US funding for infrastructure projects

The Economist: Ukraine’s counter-offensive appears to have begun

The New York Times: Pandemic stimulus aid may not be doing enough to help schools

The Washington Post: 6 analog trends that are good for the soul in the age of smartphones and social media

Reuters: Analysis: US hotel developers run out of cash as construction lending dries up

The New York Times: The U.S. is paying billions to Russia’s nuclear agency. Here’s why.

The Washington Post: Justice Dept. releases scathing federal report on Minneapolis police

NPR: Nearly a year later, most Americans oppose Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe

The Missoulian: Republic Services accused of ‘predatory pricing’ in war over waste in Missoula.

NPR: These are the winners of the 2023 James Beard Awards

The Washington Post: Daniel Ellsberg dies at 92. He leaked the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret Vietnam War history, in 1971.

Associated Press: NIL Summit generates predictions of more dramatic changes on college landscape

The Washington Post: A Starbucks barista was fired after organizing a union at her store. Her struggle is just beginning.

Reuters: Fixing Boeing’s supply chain has been “frustratingly slow.” Here’s why.

The Washington Post: Record-high shortage of chemo drugs puts patients at risk

The New York Times: After $690 million in fare evasion, M.T.A. looks past enforcement