Sunday Reads: May 7

Happy weekend Great Falls, here’s this week’s reading list.

NPR: The Fed raises rates again for perhaps the last time in a while

The Washington Post: What the end of the covid public health emergency means for you

NPR: Workers can’t afford housing, so some companies are building it

The Economist: Governments are living in a fiscal fantasyland

The Washington Post: Months of videos and secret chats reveal how the Proud Boys’ plot for the Jan. 6 riot unfolded

The Washington Post: These professors are asking students to consider divisive ideas — and learn

ProPublica: NYC schools call 911 on students in distress thousands of times a year

The Economist: Why the monarchy matters

The New York Times: A symbol of loss in nearly every Ukrainian kitchen

The Washington Post: The first arrests from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s election police take an extensive toll

The Virginian-Pilot: MacArthur Center lost $126 million in value over the past 5 years, report says

NPR: How a wayward duck changed a Kansas City homeless man’s life

Atlas Obscura: The cult roots of American health food

Scientific American: Afghanistan’s spectacular, vanishing forests

The New Yorker: The casualties of the web-traffic wars

The New Yorker: In the post-Roe era, letting pregnant patients get sicker—by design

Council on Foreign Relations: A “new scramble for Africa”?

NPR: An English teacher’s response to a stuttering student changed her life

The Washington Post: A Michigan couple’s mailbox has been taken over by small dolls

The New York Times: Vice is said to be headed for bankruptcy

Bon Appetit: Are time limits at restaurants here to stay?

The New York Times: Goodbye to the bread basket. Hello to the bread course.