Sunday Reads: April 23

Happy Ice Breaker day Great Falls. Here’s this week’s reading list.

The New Yorker: When the culture wars come for the public library

The Economist: Russia’s economy can withstand a long war, but not a more intense one

The Washington Post: Afghanistan has become a terrorism staging ground again, leak reveals

The Washington Post: Kremlin tried to forge an antiwar coalition of the far left and far right in Germany to hinder support for Ukraine, documents show

Wired: Why the U.S. food system is vulnerable to hackers

The New York Times: Can parrots talk over video chat? Experiment shows how they adapt and connect

The Washington Post: 4 takeaways from the Dominion v. Fox settlement

The New Yorker: The front line in the stunt-food wars

The Washington Post: Mike Lindell’s firm told to pay $5 million in ‘Prove Mike Wrong’ election-fraud challenge

The New Yorker: The origins of creativity

The Washington Post: Bed Bath & Beyond files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Santa Fe New Mexican: Chimayó weavers hope apprenticeships will help keep tradition alive

The New York Times: Are Crumbl Cookies the best or the worst? It doesn’t matter.

The Atlantic: America fails the civilization test