Sunday Reads: April 15

Enjoy the sunshine Great Falls.

NPR: Swahili civilization has differing origin stories. Genes offer new clues

PBS Newshour: School shooting false alarms, swatting calls put teachers, students and parents on edge

Reuters: U.S. manufacturing boom has a real estate problem

The Wall Street Journal: Green tax credits are likely to be more popular—and expensive—than expected

The Economist: America is getting richer, quicker

The Washington Post: Ecological junk food and horticultural terrorists

The Economist: America arrests the suspect behind mass intelligence leaks

National Geographic: Chile’s Atacama Desert has become a fast fashion dumping ground

Axios: Latin and Tex-Mex overtake Italian as America’s go-to food order

NPR: Medicare’s hospice experiment: Putting private insurers in charge

Wired: Why the U.S. food system is vulnerable to hackers

The New York Times: In search of romance? Try moving abroad.

L.A. Times: Drew Barrymore on her talk show, divorce and quitting alcohol

NPR: ‘Beef’ is intense, angry and irresistible : Pop Culture Happy Hour

The New York Times: How do you fit 250 plants in 350 square feet?

NPR: Why don’t we talk — really talk — about divorce?