DPHHS discontinuing COVID-19 dashboards in May

The Department of Public Health and Human Services announced today that with the federal public health emergency ending on May 11, the agency plans to discontinue the weekly updates to the COVID-19 case tracking and vaccine dashboards.

The last update to the dashboards will take place on May 5, and they will subsequently no longer be available online after July 14, according to DPHHS.

DPHHS will no longer publish the monthly COVID-19 monthly epi profile and vaccination reports, and the weekly demographic table reports that are posted here. They’ll be updated for the last time on May 5.

Going forward, DPHHS will continue to work with local public health and tribal health agencies to conduct routine surveillance for COVID-19 cases and outbreaks, as with any reportable condition, according to DPHHS.

Any relevant COVID-19 information will still be available on the DPHHS website here.

COVID-19 data for Montana will still be available on CDC’s COVID Data Tracker website, which includes:

Cascade City-County Health Department stopped posting their local COVID-19 report in January and now posts a weekly general communicable disease report addressing COVID, flu, RSV, STIs, enteric illnesses and other communicable illnesses affecting the community.