Street sweeping schedule April 10-13

The city street sweeping scheduled for April 10-13 is below.

Residents are asked to remove their vehicles from the area 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on their scheduled day.

The schedule may change or be canceled due to weather conditions.

  • April 10: All avenues  from 13th Street South to 26th Street South from 1st Avenue South to 9th Avenue South.
  • April 11: All streets from Park Drive North to 9th Street North from 2nd Avenue North to 8th Avenue North; streets from 10th Street North to 13th Street North from 8th Avenue North to Central Avenue; 9th Street North from 8th Avenue North to River Drive North.
  • April 12: All avenues from Park Drive North to 13th Street North from 3rd Avenue North to River Drive North;  also 12th Avenue North from 15th Street North to River Drive North.
  • April 13: All streets from River Drive South through 8th Street South from 2nd Avenue South to 10th Avenue South and Streets from 9th Street South to 13th Street South from Central Avenue to 10th Avenue South; 3rd Avenue South from 2nd Street South to River Drive South.