Sunday Reads: April 9

Happy weekend Great Falls.

The Washington Post: Intelligence leak exposes U.S. spying on adversaries and allies, opening a rare window on the inner workings of American espionage

The Washington Post: How did Jesus die with crucifixion? A 2017 discovery give us new clues.

The New York Times: Houston had a problem: NASA’s moon mission astronauts were late.

The Economist: The rise and rise of e-sports

Montana Public Radio: Republicans back bill to change election rules — only for the upcoming Senate race

NPR: Where did the workers go? Construction jobs are plentiful, but workers are scarce

NPR: Traffic deaths are up and police stops are down three years into the pandemic

Idaho Capital Sun: Idaho governor vetoes bill to restrict library materials

The Economist: What America’s friends should make of The Trump Show

New Jersey Monitor: New Jersey bill would track deadly car crashes involving marijuana

NPR: This is your brain on art: How music, dance and poetry can help your brain

The Washington Post: Twitter strikes New York Times’ verified badge on Elon Musk’s orders

Stateline: As book bans gain favor, some say libraries could go

The Washington Post: Tesla employees shared private footage from customers’ cars, lawsuit says

The New York Times: Work from the office, get laid off at home

The New York Times: Marvel superhero and indigenous actress holds fast to Maya roots

Associated Press: Hospital: Treatment, discharge of woman who died appropriate

NPR: Check out the deepest-swimming fish ever caught on camera

The Washington Post: They married 60 years after her parents forbade their relationship

The New York Times: Revising classic novels spurs debate about where to draw the line

NPR: More states pass laws to restrict or ban gender-affirming care for transgender kids

Eater: What effect does Michelin have on a city’s dining scene?

Literary Hub: The egg war that shaped the early history of San Francisco

The Economist: How might climate change affect European gastronomy?

The Washington Post: Salt is key in cooking. So, we debunked 7 myths about sodium and more.

The New York Times: A visit to the Peeps factory