Sunday Reads: March 26

Enjoy the weekend Great Falls.

Jenn’s in Boston for the National Main Street conference, but will still be reporting in between learning and exploring.

The Washington Post: American teen girls are in crisis: Suicide, violence and mental health

High Plains Public Radio: Rural grocery stores are dying off. Here’s what some communities are doing to save them

The Denver Post: Denver mayor election: Downtown needs a leader to revitalize

Reuters: Amazon, other retailers revamp ‘free’ shipping as costs soar

NPR: Amid teacher shortages, Mississippi embraces a movement to grow their own

The Washington Post: Florida principal Hope Carrasquilla ousted after Michelangelo ‘David’ art lesson upset parents

Food and Environment Reporting Network: U.S. policy traps migrants in ‘open-air prison’ in Mexico

The New York Times: Army base renamed for Native American war hero, replacing confederate

The Economist: The cases against Donald Trump are piling up

Wired: Feral hogs are the worst invasive species you’ve never thought about

The Washington Post: Arlington ends single-family-only zoning

The New York Times: The surgeon general’s new mission: adolescent mental health

Associated Press: Digital literacy: Can the republic ‘survive an algorithm’?

The Washington Post: Coffee makes you move more but sleep less, new study finds

NPR: Teen who lost half her brain when very young shows the power of neuroplasticity

Associated Press: World is on ‘thin ice’ as UN climate report gives stark warning

Bon Appetit: What is ‘American food’?

The Virginian-Pilot: Men tunnel out of Newport News jail cell, then are found at IHOP

The New York Times: Our film critic on why he’s done with the movies

NPR: 90-year-old tortoise named Mr. Pickles is now a father of three. It’s a big dill

National Geographic: Why are these orcas killing sharks and removing their livers?

The New York Times: I went on a package trip for lonely millennials. It was exhausting.

NPR: NPR host Ari Shapiro has met ‘The Best Strangers in the World’

The New York Times: DNA from Beethoven’s hair unlocks medical and family secrets

The New York Times: This dress survived for more than three centuries at the bottom of the sea