County studying landslide area on Lower River Road

Cascade County is in the process of studying a landslide area along Lower River Road near the marina.

The slow-moving landslide is gradually undermining the roadway creating deformations in the roadway’s riding surface, according to county public works.

Pavement deformations have been an ongoing issue for many years with continued past efforts to maintain the roadway profile, according to public works.

Without continual maintenance, the landslide would likely progress to a point where the deformations in the roadway could become hazardous to the traveling public, particularly if travel speeds are excessive, and the county is exploring options to identify possible long-term solutions, according to public works.

In order to temporarily mitigate the situation, Cascade County plans to remove about 1,000 feet of the asphalt section of roadway and regrade the area with treated gravel, which will be more efficient and cost effective to maintain as the landslide investigation progresses and until a more permanent solution is selected and implemented, according to public works.

The removal of the existing asphalt surface will require the roadway to be closed for a period of time with motorists directed to alternate routes, according to public works.

Road closure dates are not yet set and will be dependent on the weather, according to public works, and advanced warning traffic control signage will be placed in the area.