Sunday Reads: March 12

Stay warm out there Great Falls!

The New York Times: Awash in asphalt, cities rethink their parking needs

The Economist: What does Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse mean for the financial system?

The Washington Post: Insurers slashed Hurricane Ian payouts far below damage estimates

The Washington Post: ‘Slavery was wrong,’ Columbus’s journal, Mary Wollstonecraft: Here are 6 things some educators won’t teach anymore

The New Yorker: What are we protecting children from by banning books?

Cosmopolitan: As the pandemic raged, a huge egg farm kept running on prison labor

NPR: The youngest person to ever play in the NWSL signs to the Washington Spirit

Council on Foreign Relations: How Will China Respond to Taiwan’s U.S. Diplomacy?

The Washington Post: Secretive Catholic group spent millions on data that tracked priests on gay dating apps and then shared information with bishops

NPR: Lawsuit sheds light on racial bias in appraisals for Black and Latino homeowners

The Washington Post: What key players at Fox News said about the network and its viewers

The New York Times: ‘Phantom’ ends. For musicians, so does the gig of a lifetime

The Washington Post: Matamoros victims found, but 550 Americans are still missing in Mexico

NPR: What does Oscar favorite ‘Tar’ say about Mahler’s 5th Symphony?

Alaska Public Media: Dusty, the smallest dog with the biggest energy

The New York Times: One of the oldest restaurants in the country is in San Francisco