City using ARPA funds for broadband expansion, cattery

The city is considering using $50,600 in American Rescue Plan Act funds toward the library broadband expansion and the animal shelter cattery.

City Commissioners will consider the proposal during their March 7 meeting.

The proposal includes $15,000 toward the library broadband expansion and $35,600 toward the cattery.

Commissioners identified both as priority projects for ARPA funds during an April meeting.

City receives $8.4 million in state ARPA funds

Both projects have been completed and the ARPA dollars would be used to cover the eligible expenses, according to staff.

The library broadband expansion included an agreement with VisionNet to install infrastructure to increase high speed internet bandwidth.

City approves $2.88 million in community ARPA grants

The library secured most of the funding for the project and the $15,000 of ARPA funds will cover the last mile of the project, according to staff.

The ARPA funds for the cattery are to purchase necessary equipment and supplies for the cattery at the city animal shelter, according to staff.