Sunday Reads: March 5

Hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine.

The New York Times: Why we love Flaco, the escaped owl

The Washington Post: Alex Murdaugh sentenced to life in prison in murder of wife, son

NPR: New editions of Roald Dahl books remove words deemed offensive

The New Yorker: Why S.U.V.s are still a huge environmental problem (opinion)

The Washington Post: At Ohio derailment site, EPA orders rail company to test for dioxins, a highly toxic contaminant

The New York Times: Cocaine Bear, Meet Cannabis Raccoon and McFlurry Skunk

The Washington Post: A cascade of mistakes and falsehoods leaves Fox on the brink

NPR: The real story behind fish Fridays: lust, lies and empire

The New York Times: YouTube made Emma Chamberlain a star. Now she’s leaving it behind.

The Washington Post: Facebook wants to charge you $12 just to protect your account

NPR: Keep close to your work friends, researchers say, for a long-term health boost

The Washington Post: A young turtle survived months-long journey across the Atlantic Ocean

The New York Times: Libraries are meeting the needs of their communities with more than books

The Cut: The moral supremacy of cleanliness

The New York Times: These ‘luddite’ teens are abstaining from social media

The Washington Post: Why animal skin is showing up on more restaurant menus

NPR: He proposed 60 years ago, then broke her heart. Now they’ve finally married

The New York Times: What will make hybrid work stick?

The New Yorker: Maria Pevchikh, Putin’s grand inquisitor

The Economist: America’s property market suggests recession is on the way

The New York Times: The case for sleeping with stuffed animals as an adult

The Washington Post: A history of unfree labor haunts places like Sugar Land, Texas

The New York Times: A successful editor turns debut author, surprising nearly everyone