City considering increased golf fees

City Commissioners will be asked during their Feb. 21 meeting to set a public hearing on new golf fees.

They’ll be asked to set a hearing for March 7 for a new fee structure that would begin with the 2023 golf season.

“In an effort to maintain current operations, anticipate future demands, and promote the golfing community, fees need to be established that will help offset expenditures relating to operation, administration, equipment replacement, capital-improvement, debt, and labor costs associated with the Eagle Falls Golf Club and Anaconda Hills Golf Course,” according to the staff report.

Fees were last increased in March 2022.

The city contracts out management to CourseCo, which began in 2019 and in 2021, commissioners approved a three year extension through 2025.

Staff are recommending the following golf fee increases:

Eagle Falls golf fees Feb 2023

eagle falls golf fees Feb 2023 part 2

anaconda golf fees Feb 2023

golf fees part 3 Feb 2023