Sunday Reads: Jan. 29

Little behind on this week’s reading list as Jenn went to Virginia for the week to visit family.

Stay warm Great Falls.

Reuters: Falling costs may boost McDonald’s, other restaurant profits in 2023

The New York Times: Video of Tyre Nichols beating raises questions about medical response

NPR: ‘Everybody is cheating’: Why this teacher has adopted an open ChatGPT policy

Axios: How opioid misuse is costing health systems

Associated Press: US EPA estimates costs of extinguishing an Alabama landfill fire that’s burned since November have reached $2.8M

The New York Times: ‘You have to learn to listen’: How a doctor cares for Boston’s homeless

The Economist: The age of the grandparent has arrived

San Francisco Chronicle: ‘We have to act’

The Economist: Most children in poor countries are being failed by their schools

The Wall Street Journal: CVS, Walmart to cut pharmacy hours as staffing squeeze continues

L.A. Times: After the drought, the deluge

NPR: Gel manicure safety: What to know about UV nail dryers and cancer risk

The New York Times: Three friends pooled their finances and bought a Queens house together. Which one did they choose?

The Washington Post: Want a well-trained dog? Start with a better-trained human.

NPR: Bear in Boulder, Colorado, takes 400 selfies on wildlife camera

The Atlantic: Yes, you have to be smart to play Jeopardy

New York Magazine: Inside Elon Musk’s ‘extremely hardcore’ Twitter

The Washington Post: Homeless mom left her dog with sad note. A shelter reunited them.

NPR: Nonalcoholic drinks aren’t just for Dry January: The Mindful Drinking Fest

The Athletic: Meet the 14-year-old hockey phenom who’s ‘going to be a household name’

The New York Times: Juan Carrito, Italy’s beloved brown bear, dies in traffic accident

The Washington Post: State Department to phase out Times New Roman font, adopt Calibri

The New York Times: A farmer secretly paid for his neighbors’ prescriptions for years

The Washington Post: CBD not shown to be safe enough for use in food or supplements, FDA says

The New York Times: How sites like Tripadvisor and Yelp are fighting fake reviews

The Washington Post: She found late father’s bucket list, then spent 6 years completing it

NPR: What Marie Kondo says sparking joy really looks like

The New York Times: A fake death in Romancelandia

The Washington Post: Why some health experts say platonic love trumps romantic love

L.A. Times: Best hidden Los Angeles staircases for working out

The New York Times: Dog walkers are making over $100,000 in New York City

NPR: An Alaskan puppy bus is making people’s days on the internet

The Cut: What does middle age actually feel like?

LAist: Excitement and alarm greet online fast fashion giant Shein’s LA expansion

Minnesota Public Radio: Inside the world of cornhole playing with Minnesota’s first professional player