Sunday Reads: Jan. 15

The Washington Post: A Chicago suburb promised Black residents reparations. Few have been paid.

The New York Times: USDA approves first vaccine for honeybees

NPR: COVID’s omicron variant XBB.1.5 is spreading fast in the U.S. as flu recedes

The Washington Post: Childhood vaccination rates drop dangerously low

The New York Times: Animal sedative mixed with fentanyl brings fresh horror to U.S. drug zones

NPR: During the pandemic many Americans chose not to go to college, but high schoolers did

The Washington Post: More classified documents found at Biden’s home, White House says

The New York Times: Noma, rated the world’s best restaurant, is closing its doors

NPR: A college student made an app to detect AI-written text

The New Yorker: What the Twitter files reveal about free speech and social media

Wired: U.S. cities are falling out of love with the parking lot

NPR: A middle school teacher faces charges from alleged drug overdose in classroom

The Washington Post: Russian missiles rain down on Ukraine cities; Britain to send battle tanks

The New York Times: As infrastructure money lands, the job dividends begin

The Christian Science Monitor: College while in high school: How dual credit is aiming for equity

The Economist: America’s trustbusters plan to curtail the use of non-compete clauses.

Associated Press: Study: Two-thirds of glaciers on track to disappear by 2100

The Washington Post: Biden administration asks if book bans violate student civil rights

The Atlantic: The forever culture war

NPR: A collector was ‘bitten by the postcard bug’ 80 years ago; see some of his favorites

The New York Times: Yes, your job is important. But it’s not all-important.

Food and Environment Reporting Network: When it comes to salmon, has the Pacific reached its limit?

The Atlantic: Cities really can be both denser and greener

NPR: Cities and states are trying to limit high application fees for renters

The Economist: After a spectacularly chaotic start for Congress, more discord looms

NPR: ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’ author Taffy Brodesser-Akner faces middle age head-on

The Atlantic: I saw horrific things when I played in the NFL

The Washington Post: Bed Bath & Beyond is closing more stores. What is lost?

NPR: MacKenzie Scott shakes up philanthropy after her divorce from Jeff Bezos

The Washington Post: Inflation peaking is great for us, terrible for grocery stores