Little Shell Tribe seeking annexation for grocery cold storage

The Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana is working on another project on Stuckey Road.

In October, the tribe submitted an application in October to annex and assign M-2 mixed-use transitional to the 3.684 acres at 1301 Stuckey Road.

During their Jan. 10 meeting, the city planning board voted to recommend approval of the annexation and zoning.

The request next goes to the City Commission for final consideration.

The tribe is requesting annexation to access city water and sewer services.

The property has both water and sewer mains adjacent to the parcel within Stuckey Road that were installed as part of the 2011 Montana Eggs annexation just north of this parcel, according to the city planning office.

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In 2020, the Little Shell Tribe annexed another parcel farther north along Stuckey Road into city limits, and in coordination with that request, they extended both the existing water and sewer mains along Stuckey Road farther north. Stuckey Road was also improved as a part of a Montana Department of Transportation project and is already built to city standards, according to city planning staff.

The tribe owns the 3.684 acre parcel on the east side of Stuckey Road, beginning about 700 feet north of the Northwest Bypass, according to the city.

The Little Shell Tribe also owns other property and facilities within the city limits, including some father north along Stuckey Road.

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The property is contiguous to city limit  and the adjacent portion of Stuckey Road is already annexed into the city, according to city staff.

Since infrastructure construction was done in 2010 in coordination with the Montana Eggs annexation, the Little Shell Tribe will owe utility reimbursements to the city, which are detailed in the annexation agreement, according to staff.

The city is still owed $56,162.59 for expenses from the Montana Eggs utility construction. Based on the frontage length of the subject property, the Little Shell Tribe will be required to pay the pro-rata reimbursement cost in the amount of $45,487.54 within 30 days of approval of the annexation, according to city staff.

City staff recommends approval of the annexation and zoning.

The Little Shell Tribe is planning to use the property for cold storage for groceries for members. The groceries will be transported to other sites in the city for distribution.

Surrounding zoning districts include I-1 light industrial; M-2 mixed-use transitional; R-2 single-family medium density and POS public lands and open space.

Properties on the western side of Stuckey Road are outside the city limits.

The tribe will be required to make utility improvements and access for emergency vehicles will be installed to the city’s specifications, according to staff.

Neighborhood Council 3 voted to recommend approval of the annexation and zoning during their Jan. 5 meeting.