Sunday Reads: Jan. 8

Hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine this weekend.

The Atlantic: The age of social media is ending

NPR: 2022 in photos: NPR station photographers share memorable moments

The Washington Post: Legal weed supply glut pushing small businesses to ‘insolvency’

NPR: Scientists exhumed geneticist Gregor Mendel to study his DNA

Montana Free Press: The plight of Bozeman’s homeless people

The Economist: Is Russia running out of ammunition?

Delaware Public Media: How Concord Mall is making a comeback

The Atlantic: And the Lord said, “You’ve got a time-out, mister”

NPR: Banished words list for 2023 includes GOAT, gaslighting, amazing

The New York Times: A frontline city’s last food stand keeps the pizza coming

The Economist: America’s culture wars extend into medicine

The Washington Post: A tiny paper broke the George Santos scandal but no one paid attention

NPR: A bright green comet may be visible with the naked eye in late January

The Atlantic: What squirrels taught me about life after divorce

Wired: Cities need to realize the value of emotional design