Sunday Reads: Jan. 1

Happy New Year Great Falls!

NPR: The full January 6 report is out. Here are the key details and recommendations

The New York Times: Attacks on 4 Washington substations cut power to thousands, officials say

The Washington Post: We’re drowning in old books. But getting rid of them is heartbreaking.

NPR: 5 inspiring female champions for women’s health and rights who died in 2022

The Washington Post: Restaurants are changed forever by the pandemic, in part because diners are different.

NPR: What happens when cash bail ends in Illinois?

The Economist: 2022 has been a year of brutal inflation

The Washington Post: Opinion | A strange 2022 featured Twitter, Elon Musk and identity politics

The New York Times: The I.C.U. nurse: A symbol of endurance

The Washington Post: ‘Driving force’ in plot to kidnap Michigan governor sentenced to 16 years

NPR: 2022 marked the end of cheap mortgages and now the housing market has turned icy cold

The Washington Post: Social Security uses obsolete job titles to deny benefits to disabled applicants

NPR: How the federal spending bill will make it easier to save for retirement

The Washington Post: Southwest draws regulatory scrutiny as thousands more flights canceled

L.A. Times: Anna Kendrick opens up about the abuse that shaped ‘Alice, Darling’

The Washington Post: Disaster scenarios raise the stakes for Colorado River negotiations

The Atlantic: Alabama makes plans to gas its prisoners

The New York Times: Wild and Wilde: At celebrity cemetery, nature takes on starring role

The Washington Post: Massive amounts of deadly fentanyl seized in U.S. in 2022, DEA says

NPR: Metro Richmond Zoo welcomes baby pygmy hippopotamus in time for Christmas

The Washington Post: Remains of ancient dogs that didn’t bark were found at Jamestown