Sunday Reads: Dec. 18

This week’s reading list. Stay warm this week Great Falls.

The New York Times: ‘Luddite’ teens don’t want your likes

Reuters: Child workers found throughout Hyundai-Kia supply chain in Alabama

The Washington Post: Masking can be required in classes for Virginia students with disabilities

Wired: The extraordinary shelf-life of the deep-sea sandwiches

NPR: How close are we actually to fusion energy powering society?

Food and Environmental Reporting Network/The Nation: How food became a weapon in the culture war

The New York Times: E.R. doctors misdiagnose patients with unusual symptoms

Route Fifty: Should the deadline to spend ARPA dollars be extended?

The New York Times: Markets drop as investors fear the effects of higher interest rates

The Economist: America’s unions are gentrifying

Reuters: WHO chief hopes COVID will no longer be emergency next year

NPR: Infectious diseases fellowships go unfilled for newly minted doctors

The Economist: A looming Russian offensive

The New York Times: Trump Organization was held in contempt after secret trial last year

NPR: Jennifer was bullied until someone unexpected stepped in

Associated Press: Water fight comes to Sin City

The New York Times: How a hotel was converted into housing for formerly homeless people

Reuters: Nestle to launch new Ukraine facility in rare war-time investment

NPR: Authorities are urging indoor masking in major cities as the ‘tripledemic’ rages

Wired: Airbnb is running riot in small-town America

The New York Times: Overdetention keeps prisoners behind bars despite being deemed free

The Economist: How is the Supreme Court changing American democracy?

BBC: New Zealand passes legislation banning cigarettes for future generations

The New York Times: U.S. offers free at-home COVID tests as part of winter plan

The Washington Post: Rural universities, already few and far between, are cutting majors

NPR: Hot Wheels are one of the most inflation-proof toys in American history

The New York Times: Twitter suspends half a dozen journalists’ accounts

NPR: Same sex marriage bill will be signed into law by President Biden

The Washington Post: Utah medic Tom Elbrecht rescues skier buried by avalanche

The New York Times: What comes next for the most empty downtown in America

The Washington Post: Why do we get hangry? What happens when hunger and anger collide?

The New York Times: Smoothing the relaunch, with coats and kitchen tools

The New York Times: Fire erupts at an NYPD evidence center in Brooklyn

The New York Times: Mass migrant crossing floods Texas border facilities