City considering lease renewal for daycare in rec center

During their Dec. 20 meeting, City Commissioners will be asked to set a public hearing for Jan. 3 on a lease for the Community Recreation Center.

A Child’s World LLC is requesting to lease a portion of the city-owned rec center to run a daycare.

The lease provides an area on the lower level with access to the outside play area and gym depending on availability.

If approved, the the three-year lease has a $1,500 monthly rent.

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Under the lease terms, A Child’s World agrees to maintain the leased premises, including the building and improvements, in good condition and repair through day-to-day maintenance and repair.

The city will maintain the building foundation, all structural components, concrete slabs, exterior walls and façade, roof, ceiling and all utility lines serving the premises.

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The city will also provide maintenance, repair and snow removal of the parking lots and sidewalks adjacent to the leased premises.

The city Park and Recreation Department has had an agreement with A Child’s World for use of an area in the rec center since November 2003.

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The daycare last renewed its lease in 2019 for the same monthly rate.