Sunday Reads: Dec. 11

The New York Times: A rural hospital’s excruciating choice: $3.2 million a year or inpatient care?

The Washington Post: Schools turn to telehealth as student mental health crisis soars

The New York Times: Inside the fight to pay food delivery workers $23 an hour

The Washington Post: The crisis of student mental health is much vaster than we realize

Reuters: New York mayor pledges to boost city’s housing by 500,000 units

Axios: America’s staggering food waste problem

The New York Times: Bill to protect same-sex marriage rights clears Congress

The Washington Post: Lockerbie bombing suspect in U.S. custody, Scottish authorities say

The Economist: How to invigorate Britain’s second-tier cities

The Washington Post: U2 celebrates Kennedy Center Honors after nearly 50 years

The New York Times: Yes, Madeline, you can have a unicorn, L.A. county tells girl

Bon Appetit: What we don’t talk about when we talk about fast food’s chicken sandwich wars

The New York Times: Day 11: Why do we drink these holiday cocktails every year?

The Washington Post: Amy Grant conquered Christian music. That was just her first act.

The Economist: An autistic man was surfing the internet on his dad’s sofa. That’s when the FBI turned up.

NPR: Major password manager LastPass suffered a breach — again

The New York Times: Man exonerated in 1990 subway killing of tourist to get $18 million

NPR: Inspiring stories of late-in-life adventure from NPR listeners

The New York Times: South Africa’s president is unlikely to face impeachment

The Washington Post: IOC delays decision on 2030 Winter Games host, citing climate concerns

NPR: Germany arrests 25 on suspicion of planning armed coup

The Washington Post: Great minds think alike: twins beat school’s cheating claim, win $1.5 million

The New York Times: TikTok influencer is fined after hitting a golf ball into the Grand Canyon

L.A. Times: Trump Organization convicted in executive tax dodge scheme

NPR: In ‘Your Table Is Ready’ a restaurant maître d’ tells all

Stars and Stripes: Pentagon increases 2023 food allowance for troops by largest amount in two decades

The Washington Post: The voices left out of Elon Musk’s free-speech agenda [opinion]