Commissioners update city code to add a Municipal Court judge

City Commissioners unanimously approved a code change during their Dec. 6 meeting that allows for a second Municipal Court judge.

Voters approved a change to the city charter during the November election to allow for a second judge, necessitating a code change to remove the “singular” limitation on the number of judges to all the creation of a new and additional elected judge position.

City considering sending charter amendments to ballot for second judge

No one spoke in opposition to the change during the Dec. 6 meeting.

Over the summer, commissioners voted to send the charter amendment to the November ballot and voters approved the change.

The ordinance will be effective, Jan. 5 and will establish two Municipal Court departments, with associated Municipal Court judge positions.

Marijuana, municipal judge questions likely going to November ballot

The ordinance also establishs the appointment process of the vacant position, since the second position will need to be appointed until the November 2023 election, elected for a two year term at that election, and then subsequently on the normal and appropriately staggered four year term schedule in November of 2025, according to the city attorney’s office.

Commission approves code change to allow for part-time judge appointment [2019]

The ordinance updates the city code to reflect two, rather than one, Municipal Court judge. The qualifications and regulations pertaining to both positions are the same, according to city staff.

City considers code change for new part-time judge [2019]

The proposed change also removes all code language referencing an assistant Municipal Court judge position, which was established in 2019 but never filled.

Municipal Court Judge Steve Bolstad had intended to appoint someone to that position, but changes in state law made that position and appointment process moot.

Municipal Court seeking part-time judge to handle increasing caseload [2019]

Over the summer, commissioners adopted a budget that included a compensation package for a second Municipal Court judge to begin an appointed term in January 2023.