County seeking bids for fleet vehicles

Cascade County is accepting bids for a variety of new 2022 or newer fleet vehicles.

Bidders may bid on individual models or the entire package, depending on availability.

Specifications for the various types of vehicles are online here or available by contacting Les Payne, director, Cascade County Public Works, 279 Vaughn S. Frontage Road or by phone at 406-454-6920.

Bids will be opened and read aloud at 1 p.m. Dec. 15 in the commission office at 325 2nd Ave N., Room 111. No electronic/digital media bids are allowed. Late bids will be returned unopened.

Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check, cashier’s check, or ibd bond payable to Cascade County in the amount of 10 percent of the total amount of the bid for the vehicles without deduction for the value of the possible trade in equipment.

The successful bidder shall forfeit to Cascade County their bid security if they fail or refuse to enter into a contract within the time specified. Bid security of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned upon acceptance of the successful bid.

All bids shall remain effective for a period of 60 days from the date of opening.

Cascade County reserves the right to consider or reject any and all bids, and further to waive any defects or irregularities, according to the county.

All bidders must use the bid form supplied with the specifications. A contract will be awarded to the lowest and most responsible bidder for each of the various types or model of vehicles.

All bidders are expected to be aware of and to abide by all state and federal statutes, rules, and regulations governing the solicitation and acceptance of public contracts, including any such statute, rule or regulation relating to non-discrimination, according to the county.

Commissioners reserve the right to reject any or all bids, to waive irregularities, or to accept any bid, according to the county.