Sunday Reads: Dec. 4

The Washington Post: Biden’s zero-emission government fleet starts with USPS

The New York Times: Why retailers are trying extra hard to woo holiday shoppers

Kaiser Health News: When malpractice occurs at community health centers, taxpayers pay

The New York Times: A snapshot of homelessness policies around the U.S. and the world

NPR: Cities became more pedestrian-friendly during the pandemic. Many aren’t going back

Reuters: 400 groups urge U.S. lawmakers to take ‘immediate steps’ to block potential rail strike

The New York Times: Billions of dollars at stake in a puzzling holiday shopping season

NPR: School principals say misinformation, politics made last year ‘rough as hell’

The Washington Post: Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano, erupted for the first time in 38 years. Here’s how experts say it will affect Hawaii.

The Washington Post: America’s homicide rate has surged. In 9 cities, loved ones tell the story of lives lost.

ProPublica: “I don’t know where I’m going to go”: HUD displaces even more residents in this small city

The New York Times: Is spreading medical misinformation a doctor’s free speech right?

The Washington Post: Unexpected phone calls: a modern horror story

The Economist: How will America deal with three-way nuclear deterrence?

The Washington Post: U.S. unveils plan to rebuild Ukraine energy grid after Russian assault

The New York Times: What’s the state of operations behind the cardboard supply chain?

The Washington Post: On the edge of retreat

The Atlantic: Expiration dates are meaningless

NPR: How snobbery helped take the spice out of European cooking

The New York Times: Baguette on heritage list

Literary Hub: The model for America’s modern craft-beer boom

Longreads: How the slow-cooker changed the world