Sunday Reads: Nov. 27

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and enjoyed the Parade of Lights. See you all at the Christmas Stroll on Friday!

Associated Press: Schools struggle to staff up for youth mental health crisis

The Washington Post: Studies show COVID’s toll on students living in poverty, learning from home

ProPublica: The landlord and the tenant: A house fire reveals one kind of justice for those who own and another for those who rent

The Economist: Why American unemployment needs to rise

Food and Environmental Reporting Network: Why America’s food-security crisis is a water-security crisis, too

The Economist: Where the coming housing crunch will be most painful

The Economist: America’s federal government has ruthlessly crushed organized crime

NPR: James Webb images thrill and surprise scientists

The Washington Post: Sandy Hook families sued Alex Jones. Then he started moving money around.

NPR: Possibility of a nationwide rail strike looms as another union rejects deal

NPR: My son decided against college. To my surprise, he’s where he should be

The San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. wants to make 15 of the city’s Slow Streets permanent. Here’s where they’re located

The Washington Post: French man wins right to not be ‘fun’ at work in wrongful termination case