Sunday Reads: Nov. 20

Happy weekend Great Falls. Here’s this week’s reading list.

Associated Press: Solar farms in 3 states cited for environmental violations

Reuters: World making little progress on food waste, a big climate problem.

NPR: UVA shooting: Suspect is in custody; 3 football players dead

Kaiser Health News: Mistrust and polarization steer rural governments to reject federal public health funding

The New York Times: Masks cut COVID spread in schools, study finds

The Washington Post: Paris mulls e-scooter ban in global test for micromobility industry

NPR: Schools and polarization: What culture wars mean for the teacher shortage

The Washington Post: Facebook thought pandemic online shopping would last forever. It didn’t.

The New York Times: Female college athletes say pressure to cut body fat is toxic

The Salt Lake Tribune: The ecological collapse of the Great Salt Lake

National Geographic: Scotland could become the first ‘rewilded’ nation

L.A. Times: Ode to the 1990s food court

The Washington Post: A woman made chili for neighbors, and outrage ensued. Was she wrong?

The Economist: After the midterms, America and its democracy look stronger

The Economist: The spectacular fall of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried

The Washington Post: Smithsonian selects prime Mall spots for new museums

NPR: What makes us dance? It really is all about that bass

The New York Times: People with ADHD face withdrawal as Adderall shortage continues

The Washington Post: Plane filled with 53 rescue dogs crash-lands on Wisconsin golf course