Election 2022: Results

Updated 5 a.m. Nov. 9

Polls closed at 8 p.m.

At the third round of ballot counts at 3:39 a.m., 29,210 ballots have been counted and preliminary results are below.

There are still roughly a 100 ballots to be counted, including military ballots, provisional ballots and those lacking a signature or with a signature that doesn’t match the one on file.

Those who didn’t sign their ballot or their signature didn’t match the one on file have until 5 p.m. Nov. 9 to come in and sign their ballot or address the non-matching signature.

Provisional ballots are those issued when a person has moved within the state and cannot be counted until after 3 p.m. Nov. 14 and require working statewide to ensure a person didn’t cast ballots in two counties, according to Cascade County elections officials.

About two weeks after the election, the county will conduct a canvas to certify the results.

There’s a few races that are very close in the preliminary results and once the remaining ballots are counted, may trigger an automatic recount or the threshold within which a candidate can request a recount at their own expense.

Under state law, a recount must be conducted if “a candidate for a precinct office or for a county, municipal, or district office voted for in only one county, other than a legislator or a judge of the district court, is defeated by a margin not exceeding 1/4 of 1 percent of the total votes cast or by a margin not exceeding 10 votes, whichever is greater, and the defeated candidate, within 5 days after the official canvass, files with the election administrator a verified petition stating that the candidate believes that a recount will change the result and that a recount of the votes for the office or nomination should be conducted.”

A candidate can request a recount at their expense if they are defeated by a margin exceeding 1/4 of 1 percent but not exceeding 1/2 of 1 percent of the total votes cast for all candidates for the same position,” within five days of the canvas.

With the preliminary counts, a number of incumbents have been ousted and the county public safety levy has been approved.

Voters approved local option taxes for marijuana sales county-wide and city voters opted to legalize marijuana business operations within the city limits.

*designates incumbents 

County Commissioner District 3

Don Ryan (D)*: 12,652

Rae Grulkowski (R): 15,727

County Commissioner District 1

Joe Briggs (R)*: 20,809

County Sheriff

Jesse Slaughter (R)*: 21,931

County Attorney

Josh Racki (D)*: 18,439

County Clerk and Recorder

Rina Fontana Moore (D)*: 14,225

Sandra Merchant (R): 14,245

Justice of the Peace Dept. 1

Eric Bailey: 13,253

Dave Phillips*: 9,074

Justice of the Peace Dept. 2

Shall Steve Fagenstrom be retained? 

Yes: 22,419

No: 3,440

Public Administrator

Gerald Boland (D)*: 18.166

County Treasurer/Superintendent of Schools

Diana Heikkila (D)*: 21,875

District Court Judge (nonpartisan)

David Grubich: 15,260

Michele Levine: 10,717

Supreme Court

Justice 1

Bill D’Alton: 5,096

Jim Rice: 19,507

Justice 2

James Brown: 12,318

Ingrid Gustafson: 14,860

Public Service Commissioner District 1

Randy Pinocci (R): 20,555

U.S. Representative 2nd Congressional District

Gary Buchanan (I): 6,382

Sam Rankin (L): 404

Penny Ronning (D): 6,572

Matt Rosendale (R): 15,553

Ballot Questions

County local option tax for medical marijuana

Yes: 17,422

No: 10,943

County local option tax for recreational marijuana

Yes: 21,449

No: 6,769

County public safety levy

Yes: 15,630

No: 12,442


Should marijuana business operations remain prohibited in the city limits?

Yes: 9,688

No: 10,418

Should the code be amended related to municipal judges?

Yes: 15,369

No: 4,066


State Senator District 11

Daniel Emrich (R): 3,662

Tom Jacobson (D): 3,259

State Senator District 12

Jacob Bachmeier (D): 2,621

Wendy McKamey (R): 3,339

State Senator District 13

Casey Schreiner (D): 2,486

Jeremy Trebas (R): 2,669

State Senator District 14

David Brewer (D): 218

Russel Tempel (R): 508

State Senator District 15

Dan Bartel (R): 357

Cindy Palmer (D): 102

State Representative District 19

Russel Miner (R): 3,379

State Representative District 20

Fred Anderson (R): 3,529

Samantha Rispens (D): 1,507

State Representative District 21

Ed Buttrey (R): 2,466

Lela Graham (D): 1,290

State Representative District 22

Lola Sheldon-Galloway (R): 1,781

Nick Henry (D): 1,185

Tony Rosales (L): 205

State Representative District 23

Scot Kerns (R): 1,565

Melissa Smith (D): 1,298

State Representative District 24

Barbara Bessette (D): 1,477

Steven Galloway (R): 1,664

State Representative District 25

Steve Gist (R): 1,559

Jasmine Krotkov (D): 1,502

State Representative District 26

George Nikolakakos (R): 1,198

Kari Rosenleaf (D): 881

State Representative District 27

Josh Kassmier (R): 588

State Representative District 30

James Bergstrom (R): 356

Wendy Palmer (R): 100

State Ballot Initiatives

Constitutional Amendment 48 related to include electronic data and communications in search and seizure protections

Yes: 22,764

No: 4,972

Legislative Referendum No. 131, the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act

Yes: 14,361

No: 13,577