Sunday Reads: Nov. 6

The Washington Post: Partisan showdown erupts in Texas county over election monitoring

Reuters: Toyota is reverting to the production of mechanical keys in some cases to mitigate semiconductor constraints.

The Texas Tribune: Black residents in Corpus Christi file a civil rights complaint to stop Texas’ first desalination plant

The New York Times: How cheap ‘fast furniture’ could soon clog landfills.

Associated Press: Trick or trash: Candy makers grapple with plastic waste.

The New York Times: The return of the American Downtown

Associated Press: Renters face charging dilemma as U.S. cities move toward EVs

The New York Times: Why is New York still building on the waterfront?

The Economist: The risks of Bidenomics go beyond inflation

The Atlantic: The college-admissions merit myth

The New York Times: ‘No jobs available’: The feast or famine careers of America’s port drivers.

The Washington Post: Will the Supreme Court strike down affirmative action in college admissions?

The New York Times: Legal abortions fell around 6 percent in two months after end of Roe

The Economist: Putin suspends a deal to allow grain exports from Ukraine // Vladimir Putin is dragging the world back to a bloodier time

Associated Press: Hurricane Ian’s lucrative cleanup deals generate new storm

NPR: Abortion laws pressure parents who face a fetal anomaly diagnosis

The New Yorker: The right-wing mothers fueling the school-board wars

VT Digger: The push for a ‘just cause’ eviction standard is back in towns and cities across Vermont

The New York Times: He’s an outspoken defender of meat. Industry funds his research, files show.

The Economist: The attack at the Pelosis’ home was part of a dangerous pattern

The New York Times: The shelf life of a 12-foot Home Depot skeleton

NPR: The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program just got more flexible

Taste: The internet’s retro-sandwich sleuth cannot be ignored

The Atlantic: Seriously, what are you supposed to do with old clothes?

The Economist: A candid new book explores Anthony Bourdain’s trials

The Washington Post: NASA captures photo of ‘smiling’ sun. It’s not as cute as it looks.

The New York Times: Julie Powell, food writer known for ‘Julie & Julia,’ dies at 49

The New Yorker: How food powers your body Cannabis passes cranberries as the state’s top crop

Axios: Biden administration announces $223 million investment in meat and poultry processing to fight “Big Meat”

Wired: Algorithms quietly run the City of DC—and maybe your hometown

The Washington Post: How 3 school districts improved without disruption