Man charged with multiple counts of rape, after victim reported incident to SRO

A man has been charged with multiple felony counts of sexual intercourse without consent and sexual abuse of children after a 15-year-old student told her school resource officer about the incidents.

The student told her SRO, a Great Falls Police Department detective, that she had multiple sexual encounters with Don Stratton, 55, according to court documents.

She told the detective that earlier this month, she went to her friend’s house, a 17-year-old female who was in a consensual sexual relationship with Stratton.

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The friend provided alcohol and marijuana to the victim and Stratton, according to court documents.

Multiple sexual encounters occurred that night and the following morning, according to the criminal complaint filed in district court.

The victim told her SRO that she was scared and walked to a friend’s house following the encounter, according to court documents.

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The victim was at the first friend’s house again a few weeks later, thinking Stratton wasn’t there, but he was and two more sexual encounters occurred that evening, according to court documents.

The friend, 17, had been living with Stratton since August, leading to the felony count of sexual abuse of a minor, according to court documents.

Police interviewed Stratton on Oct. 25 and he denied any sexual encounters with either minor, according to court documents.

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Police also interviewed the victim’s friend who corroborated the victim’s account of events, according to court documents. All of the encounters occurred at the friend’s house, according to court documents.

Stratton was charged with five felony counts of sexual intercourse without consent and one felony count of sexual abuse of children.