Sunday Reads: Oct. 16

This week’s reading list. Enjoy the spectacular weather this weekend and have a great week.

The Washington Post: Retailers’ stockpiles mean deep holiday discounts starting now

The Washington Post: Edible cities are growing in the U.S. and Europe

NPR: Schools across the country are being targeted with hoax calls about active shooters

The New York Times: Animal rights activists are acquitted in Smithfield piglet case

The Economist: China and the West are in a race to foster innovation

NPR: A black hole is releasing some strange burps, baffling scientists

The New York Times: How insurers exploited Medicare Advantage for billions

The Washington Post: Colleges are more willing than ever to pay football coaches not to coach

The New York Times: Battle over wage rules for tipped workers is heating up

Reuters: U.S. may block Russian aluminum imports

CityLab: Denver e-bike rebates offer lessons for other cities

The Economist: Who is Sergey Surovikin, Russia’s new commander in Ukraine?

Axios: Dogs are helping researchers find endangered orchids in Arizona

The Economist: How the West is helping Ukraine beat Russia’s missiles

Associated Press: States spend federal COVID aid on roads, buildings, seawalls

L.A. Times: How L.A.’s working magicians hone tricks in private ‘magic jams’

The Economist: How thinking hard makes the brain tired