Sunday Reads: Oct. 9

Happy weekend Great Falls, hope you enjoyed the glorious weather. Here’s to a good week!

The Washington Post: How do U.S. marijuana policies compare globally after Biden’s pardon?

The Economist: A new macroeconomic era is emerging. What will it look like?

Montana Public Radio: Lawmakers, school officials meet over facial recognition technology in schools

The Washington Post: Biden suggests Putin’s nuclear threats mean a ‘prospect of Armageddon’

The Washington Post: Russia-Ukraine war latest updates

The New Yorker: Are you the same person you used to be?

The Economist: The Biden administration is quietly completing bits of Donald Trump’s wall

The New Yorker: The bodies in the cave

The Washington Post: Are you a coffee person or a tea person? Turns out, one drink really is healthier overall.

Civil Eats: For healthier school meals, California bets on more cooks in the kitchen

The New York Times: I escaped poverty, but hunger still haunts me

The Washington Post: Classified materials were routinely mishandled in the Trump White House, former aides say

The Atlantic: The ‘lost crops’ of America complicate ag’s origin story

The Washington Post: As TV doctor, Mehmet Oz provided platform for questionable products and views

National Geographic: It was America’s first English colony. Then it was gone.

The Washington Post: Places in America with the most chain restaurants

National Geographic: How ballroom dancing went from elite pastime to dance hall craze

Grist: The ‘hurricane tax’: How Ian is pushing Florida’s home insurance market toward collapse

The Washington Post: Colleges are more willing than ever to pay football coaches not to coach

The New York Times: Struggling schools in New Mexico see results after partnerships

Rolling Stone: ‘Tár’ review: Cate Blanchett’s staggering work of complicated genius