Sunday Reads: July 31

Reuters: Ukraine hopes to ship grain again this week despite Russian attack

NPR: U.S. heat wave: Utilities and the power grid are keeping up for now

The Washington Post: Russia sending teachers to Ukraine to control what students there learn

Reuters: California truckers halt ‘gig-worker’ law protests over weekend as port activity slows

The New York Times: Last conviction in Salem Witch Trials is cleared 329 years later

NPR: Grieving parents lost to COVID, kids find help in school-based support groups

The New York Times: Interstate abortion travel is already straining parts of the system

NPR: Some pits on the moon are always 63 degrees, opening up habitation possibilities

The New York Times: As inventory piles up, liquidation warehouses are busy

The Washington Post: Prosecutors not pursuing unlawful entry case against Colbert team

NPR: Building a home that resists wildfires doesn’t have to be expensive, study finds

Reuters: Analysis: Food delivery companies revamp for cost-of-living crunch

NPR: Outfitting cows with GPS trackers could be good for ranchers and prairie birds

The Washington Post: Massive youth sports complexes are latest front in war for visitors, dollars

The New York Times: Photos that helped to document the Holocaust were taken by a Nazi

NPR: As interest rates rise, the ‘American dream’ of homeownership fades for some

The Wall Street Journal: How can big cities get us to live there (again)?

NPR: Expiration dates, which vary widely by state, continue to lead to a lot of food waste.

The Atlantic: Why did we buy what Victoria’s Secret was selling?

Reuters: China says U.S. chip act will distort global semiconductor supply chain

NPR: The recent crypto crash has hurt many first-time investors

The Washington Post: How families can waste less food

The Virginian-Pilot: Rare book by Thomas Jefferson found in donation box at Virginia Beach library

The Washington Post: Chess-playing robot breaks finger of 7-year-old boy during match

The New York Times: Why is it so hard to adapt Jane Austen? Fans play a part.

NPR: Grocery prices and gender roles affect inflation expectations

The Washington Post: With NCAA silent on abortion bans, college sports face confusion

The Atlantic: Why Did We Buy What Victoria’s Secret Was Selling?

Eater: D.C. restaurant slammed for copycat of iconic Charleston ice cream creation

The New York Times: How students are recovering from the pandemic

The Washington Post: David Sinopoli killed Lindy Sue Biechler in Pa. cold case solved by DNA, police say

NPR: 3 things we can learn about living and working alone from women truckers

L.A. Times: Why New York art galleries are flocking to Los Angeles — and how it’s altering the art scene

The New York Times: Prague gets a reset and the emphasis is local