Multiple calls for police at downtown church on Friday

Two people have been charged in separate incidents that led to a police presence at or near the First United Methodist Church downtown on July 8.

Several people asked The Electric about the incidents since they said they saw multiple officers and police tape across the area.

According to court documents, David Reevis has been charged with a felony count of assault with a weapon.

In court and police documents, a man reported that someone had pulled a gun on him in the 100 block of 8th Street North, in front of 112 8th St. N., while he was sitting in his vehicle. The victim told police that he was approached by two males and the one on the driver’s side asked for money and pulled the gun when the victim looked at his phone. Witnesses gave a similar account and identified Reevis as the male with the gun.

It’s unclear, according to official documents, whether it was bb gun or water gun, or another type of gun.

Officers located Reevis and detained him at 610 2nd Ave. N., according to police documents.

According to the Great Falls Police Department, officers put up police tape in the parking lot area while searching for the alleged gun.

Reevis appeared in district court on July 11 and the county attorney’s office requested that his bail be set at $20,000.

Officers also responded to the area for another incident that night when an officer traveling in the 600 block of 2nd Alley North was flagged down by a man who said two people had entered the outhouse in the parking lot area behind the church and one was carrying a hypodermic needle.

The man told the officer that he believed they had gone into the outhouse to do drugs, according to court documents.

The GFPD officer drove his patrol car to the outhouse and saw a male and female exit the outhouse. The officer observed the male carrying what he believed was a drug kit and when the man saw the officer, he changed direction and went behind a nearby tent. When he came back out from behind the tent, he no longer had the object, according to court documents.

The man identified himself as Wayne Oscar and the female identified herself as Melanie Brown, according to police.

Officers found the hypodermic needle and its contents tested positive for methamphetamine, according to court documents.

During a police interview, Oscar admitted to having the items on him when he exited the outhouse but said they belonged to Brown and didn’t want to get her in trouble. He also made comments about planning to assault Brown and anyone else who had made statements against him.

Oscar has been charged with a felony count of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, a misdemeanor count of criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, a felony count of criminal possession of dangerous drugs, and a felony count of intimidation.

The county attorney’s office requested that his bail be set at $5,000.