Sunday Reads: July 3

Happy Fourth of July weekend everybody. Here’s this week’s reading list.

NPR: The barista uprising: Coffee shop workers ignite a union renewal

The New York Times: When Brazil banned abortion pills, women turned to drug traffickers

NPR: How much health insurers pay for care is about to go public

Associated Press: New NHTSA chief: Agency to scrutinize auto-driver technology

NPR: Ancient DNA offers clues as to where and when Black Death began

The New York Times: Over 360 newspapers have closed since just before the start of the pandemic

The Washington Post: The pandemic is nearly over. Anthony Fauci has learned a few things

NPR: Food trucks are struggling with higher costs as a result of inflation

Bloomberg: New algorithm can predict crime in U.S. cities a week before it happens

NPR: Mummified baby mammoth found in Canada with intact hair, skin, tusks

The New York Times: As federal climate-fighting tools are taken away, cities and states step up