County’s COVID numbers increase slightly

Cascade County has had a slight spike in COVID-19 cases recently with 125 new cases over the last week.

The City-County Health Department has raised the community level back to medium.

The case rate is now 153.63 per 100,000, the average of daily new cases over a seven day period.

Alluvion closing drive-through COVID testing site on April 30

COVID cases in the county had spiked in January and dropped dramatically in March. The current increase is still well below those numbers and the case numbers have stayed low through April and May.

As of June 6, there were 12 COVID patients hospitalized at Benefis Health System. Of those, four were unvaccinated and the other eight were vaccinated. Of the COVID patients, two were in the ICU, one of whom was vaccinated, according to Benefis.

County’s COVID numbers drop further; CCHD maintaining weekly reports [March 2022]

CCHD, Benefis and other agencies are still giving weekly updates, which have moved to Mondays.

There is no change in mask rules or other local health protocols.