GFFR recommending contract with billing vendor for ambulance transports


City Commissioners will consider an agreement with Pintler Billing Services during their March 15 meeting for ambulance transport billing.

Earlier this month, they approved new fees for medical transport using Great Falls Fire Rescue ambulances.

The city will pay a one-time $500 startup fee to Pintler and $500 monthly, or 8 percent of all revenue received, whichever is higher, through the billing administered by Pintler, according to the staff report.

City approves new fees for GFFR ambulance transport

The additional revenue will allow GFFR to replace consumable items used during these calls, according to the staff report.

The city contracts with Great Falls Emergency Services for ambulance transport, but provides transport with GFFR ambulances during surges when GFES ambulances or staff aren’t available.

City considering fees for GFFR ambulance transport to recover costs

GFFR has been providing that service for more than a decade and the call volume has increased.

According to GFFR, they transported five patients in 2015 and by 2021, they transported 74.

“The increase in 911 EMS transports has made an impact on the GFFR operating budget in terms of disposable goods used and equipment needed to provide this service,” according to the staff report.

GFFR puts new ambulance into service

With the fees approved during the March 1 meeting, GFFR can now recoup those costs.

GFFR is required to generate a patient care report detailing the care and treatment for every patient encounter. The reports are submitted to the receiving facility and become a part of patient’s medical record. The generation of those reports allows for Pintler Billing Services to ascertain the level of service rendered to the patient by GFFR and bill for the services provided, according to GFFR.

GFFR to cease responding to minor medical calls; proposing fees for false alarms, noncompliance with safety inspections

Third party billing will create no additional workload impact on GFFR staff, according to GFFR.

Pintler Billing currently has contracts with other municipalities and EMS services within Montana for providing medical billing services, according to GFFR.