Feasting in the Falls business profile: True Brew EspressGO

Name: Anna Christensen

Business name: True Brew EspressGO

For readers who may not be familiar, tell us a little bit about you and your business:  We are a coffee shop that comes to you! We serve most of your True Brew favorites and only have a minimum three drink for deliveries. I have the whole coffee shop in a bus and we go anywhere in Great Falls for normal deliveries and anywhere in Montana for big events! We also do snowcones during the summer months.

What is one of your favorite things about operating a business in Great Falls? My favorite thing about operating in Great Falls is bringing smiles to employees and teachers when I pull up!

What is currently your biggest challenge as a business owner? The winter months are hard as we don’t have many events and businesses is extremely slow.

What advice would you give to someone considering starting a business in Great Falls? Be patient, the first few years you will invest everything back into the business but just keep pushing!

What is one way the community can help to support your business best (besides of course purchases)? Word of mouth! A lot of Great Falls still doesn’t know we have a coffee shop that comes to your work, home, and events!

What was one of your favorite guest experiences? Alluvion Health really went above this winter helping me with business! I never would have survived without other business owners support.

What’s something people may not know, that you would like them to know about your business? We are franchised with True Brew, but me and my children run/own the coffee truck. We are a small new family owned business.

What is something unique about your business?  We bring a full coffee shop to you. We serve Red Bull sodas, true Italian sodas, iced/hot lattes, hot chocolate, steamers and snowcones. And we are one of the few trucks that run year round.

Has the pandemic sparked any kind of innovation at True Brew EspressGO that you have kept doing? I just started In May but I do have the capability of delivering your favorite drinks even if your in quarantine.

How do you think the food/drink scene has grown in recent years and what do you see for the future of that industry in Great Falls?  I have seen a lot of new trucks pop up and new restaurants. I see food/drink trucks becoming a lot more common here in the future.

Anything else customers should know about supporting local food establishments during Restaurant Week and beyond?  Your support is was keeps us all going. Without our amazing community and the support we receive we would never survive! Us small businesses need and appreciate all the love we receive!

Questions for employees:

What do you like about working at a food establishment in Great Falls?

  • Shael(12): Having extra money
  • Memory(13): Making money
  • Dorian(16): Helping my mom

What is your favorite thing about where you work?

  • Shael: I get to work with my mom
  • Memory: I like working the espresso machine
  • Dorian: Spending time with family and making everyone laugh.

Which menu item is your favorite?

  • Shael: Blue raspberry Italian soda
  • Memory: Blue raspberry Italian sodas
  • Dorian: caramel iced Chai with Almond milk

What was your favorite guest experience?

  • Shael: When everyone is nice to me.