Sunday Reads: Jan. 2

Happy New Year Great Falls!

The Washington Post: A decade’s worth of photos capture Christmas in America, from the joyful to the bleak

The Washington Post: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope launches in French Guiana

The New Yorker: A linguistic look at omicron

The Washington Post: TikTok content moderator sues company, alleging trauma from hours reviewing videos of rape and killings

The New York Times: Your DNA test could send a relative to jail

NPR: When it comes to exercise, ‘all movement counts.’ Here are 4 tips to make it a habit

The New York Times: What it takes to understand a variant

National Geographic: Scientists spot a ‘space hurricane’ for the first time

The Economist: Are video games really addictive?

The Washington Post: Many home insurance premiums are rising faster than inflation

NPR: Miami wants to become crypto’s financial capital. New York’s response? Bring it on

The New York Times: Omicron is not more severe for children, despite rising hospitalizations

The Wall Street Journal: Blame bad weather for your bigger bills

The New York Times: Record beef prices, but ranchers aren’t cashing in

NPR: Logic’s song ‘1-800-273-8255’ may have led to hundreds of fewer suicides, study finds

The Washington Post: Edward O. Wilson, Harvard naturalist often cited as heir to Darwin, dies at 92

The New York Times: Why COVID death rates are rising for some groups

The Virginian-Pilot: Century-old Norfolk beer bottle discovered by construction crew on luxury apartments site

The New York Times: Sarah Weddington, who successfully argued Roe v. Wade, dies at 76

The Economist: Which economies have done best and worst during the pandemic?

Associated Press: Experts pull documents, money from Lee statue time capsule

BBC: Egyptian pharaoh’s mummy digitally unwrapped for first time

The Economist: Archbishop Desmond Tutu was the best kind of troublemaker

ProPublica: They were the pandemic’s perfect victims

The Washington Post: John Paul I was pope for just 33 days. The story of his death is still evolving.

The New York Times: ‘Magic’ weight-loss pills and COVID cures: Dr. Oz under the microscope

NPR: Still looking for that picture book you loved as a kid? Try asking Instagram

LAist: A short history of fake snow in holiday movies: From ‘It’s a wonderful life’ to Harry Potter

Associated Press: China urges U.S. to protect its space station from satellites