Foothills school planning to build athlectic facility on Flood Road

During their Dec. 28 meeting, the city planning board will consider a conditional use permit to allow a community center in the R-3 single family high density zoning district for a property south of an existing church at 3400 Flood Road.

Foothills Community Christian School submitted the application with a plan to build a 16,100 square foot indoor athletic facility as well as an outdoor soccer field.

The school intends to host sporting events that are school related, but also partner with other outside organizations for recreational play at various levels from youth to adult competition, according to the staff report, and larger events, such as tournaments are expected two to four times per year.

These events would have an attendance of around 500 spectators, and would utilize the proposed on-site parking lot in addition to the existing parking lot of the church. Most events will occur on weekday evenings or on weekends, according to the Foothills project narrative and the staff report.

The property was was originally part of the Valley Community Bible Church located to the north, which was annexed into the city in 2008 and assigned R-3 zoning at that time.

The use of a worship facility was approved through a CUP, at the time of the annexation request.

This application for an athletic facility is following the same conditional use permit process, according to the city staff report.

This tract of land was created by Valley Community Bible Church by a boundary line adjustment, which was recorded at the Cascade County Clerk and Recorder on Oct. 12.

As part of the permit application, Foothills is requesting an exemption from the signing requirements for residential zoning districts and asked that its on-premise signage be reviewed under the code for neighborhood commercial, central business periphery, mixed use, public lands and institutional and parks and open space districts.

Staff said the request is appropriate for the project and is recommending approval of the permit application, and the signage exemption.

Staff concludes the request is appropriate for the context of this project.

Notice was mailed to all property owners within 150 feet of the property, a sign is posted on the property, and notice was published in the paper.

Staff said that it has not received any comment related to this proposal.

Site improvements will include a new access drive off of Flood Road at Derby Drive.

The site will include 95 new parking spaces dedicated to the proposed development with access to the existing 116 existing parking spaces which are part of the church, according to the staff report.

The school will be required to formalize an access and shared parking agreement with the church, which will be filed at the Cascade County Clerk and Recorder.

There is also a plan for a pedestrian crossing at the intersection of either Derby Drive or Dixie Lane and Flood Road to account for residents of the existing neighborhood.

The project will require site improvements in conformance city land development code and public works design standards.

“Improvements to Flood Road have been deferred until the city deems necessary, which is consistent with the annexation agreement that was executed as part of the annexation of the church. It is anticipated that Flood Road will undergo improvements to bring the roadway into conformance with urban standards in the future. At that point, the requirements within the annexation agreement will apply. This will include establishment of curb, gutter, sidewalks and boulevard landscaping along Flood Road. The applicant has stated their intent to phase construction as funds become available. The applicant and city staff will work together to ensure the phasing approach is constructed in a sequence” that will meet city code and public works standards, including environmental requirements for active construction, according to the staff report

The project will connect to existing water and sewer utility mains and the cost of those improvements will be paid by the school.

Neighborhood Council 1 reviewed the project during their Dec. 14 meeting and voted unanimously to recommend approval.