Sunday Reads: Dec. 19

Food and Environment Reporting Network: The collective future of American agriculture

The MIT Press Reader: We are who we eat with: Food, distinction and commensality

Flathead Beacon: Glacier National Park unveils details for 2022 reservation system

Taste: Just like brandma made

National Geographic: These masked singers continue an Irish Christmas tradition

Reuters: China to levy higher tariffs on pork imports in 2022 amid supply glut

CityLab: The cities that battle winter with beets

NPR: After a year of deadly weather, cities look to private forecasters to save lives

Associated Press: Banks slowly reconsider overdraft fees, amid public pressure

The Economist: Test results in American schools plummeted during the pandemic

The Washington Post: Russia broadens security demands from West, seeking to curb U.S. and NATO influence on borders

Kaiser Health News: ‘The charges seem crazy’: hospitals impose a ‘facility fee’ — for a video visit

The New York Times: F.D.A. will permanently allow abortion pills by mail

Reuters: New York City bans natural gas in new buildings

The New Yorker: The general of the Space Force has heard your jokes

NPR: In a hot market, you can buy a home with cash — even if you don’t have a lot of it

Associated Press: Pope at 85: Gloves come off as Francis’ reform hits stride

Smithsonian Magazine: For the first time ever, a NASA spacecraft has ‘touched’ the sun

The Washington Post: Cold, heat, fires, hurricanes and tornadoes: The year in weather disasters

NPR: From blood clots to infected neurons, how COVID threatens the brain

Associated Press: Judge rejects Purdue Pharma’s sweeping opioid settlement

The New Yorker: The baby-box lady of America

The Washington Post: Coming Fed rate hikes mean one thing: Pay off that credit card debt. Now. Congress gives thumbs up to Global War on Terrorism Memorial at prime spot on National Mall

Wired: Supply chain container ships have a size problem

The New York Times: How politics are determining what stove you use

Bloomberg: Chicken price-fixing case ends in mistrial after seven weeks

Grist: Walking America’s car-centric hellscape

Route Fifty: The millennials who are showing more interest in renting than homeownership

The New York Times: They said the tornado would hit at 9:30. It hit at 9:30.

The Washington Post: McDonald’s claws back $105 million from fired CEO

NPR: Omicron may be less severe in South Africa. That may not be the case for the U.S.

Eater: The status of outdoor dining across the country

NPR: A tantalizing clue to why omicron is spreading so quickly

The Washington Post: Workers dismantling base of Richmond’s Lee monument and find what could be a time capsule

The New York Times: ‘Shopping Cart Killer’ suspected in four deaths, police say

Associated Press: Talking crow befriends entire Oregon elementary school

Wired: Renewable energy is great—but the grid can slow it down

The New York Times: The smaller, everyday deals for college athletes under new rules

The 19th News: What happens when you have an all-women city council? New Mexico is about to find out.

NPR: Pfizer plans to test a third dose of its COVID vaccine on infants and young children

Vogue Business: Why fashion’s love affair with TV is big business

Vox: The history of the metal box that’s wrecking the supply chain

The Washington Post: Omicron spreading rapidly in U.S. and could bring punishing wave as soon as January, CDC warns

PBS News Hour: Nurse who got first authorized U.S. COVID vaccine: ‘We cannot continue to live like this’

Associated Press: U.S. officials eye fuel supply for advanced nuclear reactors

The Washington Post: Crucial Antarctic ice shelf could fail within five years, scientists say

NPR: Kronos hack will likely affect how employers issue paychecks and track hours

NPR: Experts crack the secret to last letter of Mary, Queen of Scots before her execution

The Washington Post: Do you need a second copy of your passport — and how do you get one?

Associated Press: One year of vaccines: Many lives saved, many needlessly lost

The Washington Post: An Arkansas waitress served a party that tipped $4,400. It led to her getting fired.

Reveal News: DC Police tried to fire 24 current officers for ‘criminal offenses.’ A powerful panel blocked nearly every one, documents show.

The Washington Post: An ice cream man died of cancer. A funeral procession of ice cream trucks honored ‘the king.’