Sunday Reads: Dec. 5

Here’s this week’s reading list, stay warm Great Falls. 

The Washington Post: Abortion battles intensify in the states ahead of court ruling expected to undermine Roe v. Wade

The New York Times: Supreme Court seems poised to uphold Mississippi’s abortion law

NPR: The mystery of where omicron came from — and why it matters

The Washington Post: The U.S. is better prepared to fight omicron variant, CDC director says

NPR: The final, anguished years of a warrior-scholar who exposed torture by U.S. troops

Associated Press: U.S. tracking of virus variants has improved after slow start

The Economist: What the Omicron variant means for the world economy

NPR: Why Americans buy so much stuff: A short history

Wired: What The Matrix got wrong about cities of the future

NBC News: ‘Magic Dirt’: How the internet fueled, and defeated, the pandemic’s weirdest MLM

The New York Times: While politics consume school board meetings, a very different crisis festers

NPR: When making music breaks your body

The New York Times: Adele and Summer Walker: Our season of romantic discontent

The Washington Post: Small children are climbing 60-foot trees to harvest your açaí

The Washington Post: U.S. will miss electric-vehicle targets without big investments in semiconductor manufacturing, commerce secretary warns

Associated Press: Pentagon chief says Guard who refuse vaccine cannot train

Wired: Curb your food tech enthusiasm

The New York Times: Long-ago victim of Vesuvius may shed light on ancient Rome

Reuters: Canadian, U.S. truckers warn vaccine mandates will disrupt supply chains

The Washington Post: In a San Francisco high school, the scars of remote schooling linger

NPR: Canada taps into strategic reserves to deal with massive shortage … of maple syrup

The New York Times: No credit score? No problem! Just hand over more data

Kaiser Health News: Hospitals refused to give patients Ivermectin. Lockdowns and political pressure followed.

The Atlantic: What conservative critics of higher education share

The Washington Post: From slavery to Jim Crow to George Floyd: Virginia universities face a long racial reckoning

The New York Times: Why retired subway workers are getting $35,000 to come back

Reuters: Despite pledge, U.S. still wastes more than a third of its food – EPA

The New York Times: Thefts, always an issue for retailers, become more brazen

The New Yorker: How your family tree could catch a killer