Sunday Reads: Nov. 28

Hope you enjoyed your weekend Great Falls. Here’s this week’s reading list.

Wired: Good luck trying to fix the supply chain crisis

NPR: Parents are scrambling after schools suddenly cancel class over staffing and burnout

The Montana Free Press: The state of Montana education

CNBC: Glass bottle shortages put pressure on wine and spirits companies ahead of key holiday season

The New York Times: How Austin became one of the least affordable cities in America

Reuters: Egypt revives ancient road connecting Luxor and Karnak

The Washington Post: CVS, Walgreens and Walmart are responsible for flooding Ohio counties with pain pills, jury says

NPR: COVID hit 13 members of their family the first time. A year later it struck again

The Atlantic: What Stephen Sondheim knew about endings

The Economist: Just like modern humans, honeybees avoid each other amid plagues

The Washington Post: The Black people who lived in Walden Woods long before Henry David Thoreau

The New York Times: In Moscow’s technological advances, a ‘double-edged sword’

CityLab: D.C. extends program diverting mental health calls from police

The New York Times: Professor cited as corruption expert is sentenced for money laundering

Axios: How America’s turkey supply chain brings birds to your table

Associated Press: Portland among US cities adding funds to police departments

Pew: How common are ransomware attacks? Lawmakers want to find out.

The New York Times: Overdose deaths reached record high as the pandemic spread