Sunday Reads: Nov. 21

Hope you all had a great weekend, here’s this week’s reading list.

The New York Times: Highlights from the push to exonerate two men in Malcolm X’s killing

The New York Times: Will real estate ever be normal again?

NPR: Why people with mental illness are at higher risk of COVID

The New York Times: A power struggle over cobalt rattles the clean energy revolution

Forbes: COVID vaccination requirement for truckers at U.S.-Canada border threatens to crimp trade

Associated Press: 2nd group of states challenges health worker vaccine mandate

The Washington Post: As supply lines strain, some corporations rewrite production playbook

The Verge: Clean energy faces its own supply chain crisis

Associated Press: Key reason for supply shortages: Americans keep spending

NPR: Should schools require the COVID vaccine? Many experts say it’s too soon

The Washington Post: Africa’s rising cities

The New York Times: First known COVID case was vendor at Wuhn market, scientist says

Axios: Food banks struggle with supply chain delays, inflated grocery costs

The New York Times: Visions of a U.S. computer chip boom have cities hustling

The Atlantic: The grim return of outdoor winter dining

The New York Times: Cities are not only tackling COVID, but its pollution, too

The Washington Post: 50 percent of people who survive covid-19 face lingering symptoms, study finds

The Atlantic: Why healthcare workers are quitting in droves

NPR: Several cities are reviving interest in rent stabilization

The Hechinger Report: States’ urgent push to overhaul reading instruction

NPR: Students are still struggling to get internet. The infrastructure bill could help

The New York Times: Crunch at ports may mean crisis for American farms

Reuters: Santa Claus is coming to town – but at what cost to Walmart and Target?

The Washington Post: Biden administration clashes with consumer groups over the reinstatement of Obama-era career training regulation

NPR: Head lice are spreading again, despite physical distancing at schools

The Washington Post: Education Dept. butts heads with liberals over gainful employment rule

The New York Times: C.D.C. investigates flu outbreak at University of Michigan

Route Fifty: How cities are addressing mental distress

The Wall Street Journal: FBI tracks threats against teachers, school-board members

NPR: Ohio State is raising millions to erase student loan debt for undergrads

The Washington Post: Charlottesville labeled 86 percent of students as gifted. Will learning improve?